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Wow, what a thunderstorm last night. Even managed to knock out the power. *claps* Good job, nature.

Slow day, this afternoon I'll start some typing, maybe see if anyone is looking for a new project to join, and recruit them without mercy.

Pretty much the best trailer I've seen in awhile.

Once I get more story done I'll actually talk about it.

Whoa, almost 2pm? Damn, time to get some stuff done. Bye.

mohawk, dead kennedys, awesome
Ok right now I'm working on the story. Nothing much to it, just writing right now. I have the location, characters, pretty much everything set. Just need to start typing it up. After I get that done it's the illustration (they will be crude) and stuff, but that will be a ways down the road.

The part that will be the most fun, finding a programmer. One that is willing to work on the project. Thinking about getting as much done as I can by Fall and and finding someone at school that is interested. Could use it as experience of something to show a future employer. I know I can get an animator, and drawing sprites (That is a fancy word for 2D video game characters, like Mario Brothers 3, Legend of Zelda, Etc.) is fairly simple.

I'm still bummed that the steampunk rpg failed. Figured it would, that was the worst organized anything I've been a part of. Kind of impressive really. Like once one person left, it was declared dead, all contact severed, nothing. Oh well. do this for awhile, maybe pitch it to a company eventually, but that's even further down the road lol.

Mission Statement
mohawk, dead kennedys, awesome
First and foremost, every time you see lightning, you know that boom you hear after? You're welcome.

I'm not promising to update this much. I WILL try though. I just forget things easily. When I get a job on a video game, THEN, I'll update more on the progress. If I do something on my solo project, 'Pacifica', I'll update. If something happens, or I just feel like talking, I'll update.

Pretty much that's what you can expect.


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